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claudia samper

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After being involved in the design field for many years, my interest went beyond that into fine arts focusing on oil
an acrylic painting. I am attracted to the exploration of opposites: reality and fiction; soft and hard; seen and
unseen. In a world of constant change, my work explores duality and deceit through visual imagery. I try to make
sense of the correlation between emotion and consciousness in a world of opposites.

In the process of conquering the sometimes unreachable mind I’m compelled to tell stories delving into the
complexity of the human psyche. Relationships and daily interactions with people are my sources of inspiration.
Kindness, joy, ambiguities, disappointments, and perceptions, are all embedded in my paintings.

My goal is to create a time and space to encourage a dialogue between the viewer and my work. I look for this
interaction, to be able to trigger a feeling, a thought or a wonder.