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Solo Exhibition


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On view: July 5 - 30, 2017

Opening Reception
Friday, July 14, 6-8:30 pm

MEET THE ARTIST - Saturday, July 29, 1-3 pm

“Connecting the Dots” is a series of drawings, paintings and transparencies seeking to explore
the perception of human communication through avian imagery as a metaphor.

Objects are de-contextualized and re-arranged in an attempt to create a new reality.  
Opaque/transparent, color/black and white, soft/hard, are some of the opposite pairs I
use in my work in an attempt to reflect conflicting communication.

Every day we interpret contradictory narratives looking for some clarity and coherence.
With this series I try to make sense of the correlation between assessing information and its
perception and interpretation, connecting the dots in a world of mixed messages.


For more information visit Touchstone Gallery website at  https://www.touchstonegallery.com/

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Address: 901 New York Avenue NW (1 block north of CityCenterDC)
Phone: 202 347 2787