“Urban Nest” is a series of drawings, transparencies, and 3D representations seeking to explore the perception of our urban landscape through the interaction of people and nature, and concrete.

Over time, humans have migrated away from nature to build their nests in urban spaces. Although more and more of our dwellings are away from nature, green spaces relentlessly (but fortunately) invade our urban landscape despite our indifference. From curated parks and urban gardens, to weeds finding their way through asphalt and sidewalks, green spaces are here to restore a broken balance and bring humans slowly back to nature.

As an architect and artist myself, I try to explore this synergy through opposites and juxtapositions: black and white vs. color; geometry vs. fluidity; transparency vs. opaqueness; softness vs hardness. Drawing from my previous work, I use birds as a metaphor. I see individuals roaming the cities dressed in their nicest, colorful plumage longing for connection in a sometimes unwelcome environment.

We need to restore a lost balance. We need to find our humanness and redefine our dwellings. We need to reconnect with nature. We need to find a new sense of belonging.


901 New York Ave, NW - Washington, DC 20001

October 2-27

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, October 11, 6-8:30pm

MEET THE ARTIST: Saturday, October 26, 2-4pm