touchstone gallery

connecting the dots

Opening reception: Friday, July 14, 6-8 PM

Meet the artist: Saturday, July 29, 1-4 PM

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“Connecting the Dots” is a series of drawings, paintings and transparencies seeking to explore the perception of human communication through avian imagery as a metaphor. 
Objects are de-contextualized and re-arranged in an attempt to create a new reality.  Opaque/transparent, color/black and white, soft/hard, are some of the opposite pairs I use in my work in an attempt to reflect conflicting communication.
Every day we interpret contradictory narratives looking for some clarity and coherence. With this series I try to make sense of the correlation between assessing information and its perception and interpretation, connecting the dots in a world of mixed messages. 

washington post review

Thanks Mark Jenkins and the Washington Post for this review!

Claudia Samper

Birds sport many kinds of plumage in Claudia Samper’s pictures, which combine painting, drawing and collage. Some of the renderings in her Touchstone Gallery show are precise enough for a modern-day Audubon, but she mixes realistic creatures with cartoonish sketches and diagrams of origami avians. The juxtapositions are often playful, as in a picture where a crow holds in its mouth the strings to a bunch of bird-shaped balloons.

“They wake me every morning and we have coffee together,” Samper writes of birds in her statement on the show. Yet the Argentina-bred Virginia artist isn’t interested in the creatures purely for their own sake. For her, birds represent complexities of human communication, which is why the show is titled “Connecting the Dots.” Circle and lines link the disparate styles and objects in these pictures, in which birds commune with cupcakes and build nests from playing cards. Although such surreal contrasts might elicit smiles, to Samper they also express the difficulty of processing contradictory information.