Urban Nest 3.JPG


In my work I try explore the perception of human behavior, using birds as a metaphor.

Objects are re-arranged in an attempt to create a new reality. Opaque/transparent, color/black and white, soft/hard, are some of the opposite pairs I use in my work

Birds wake me up every morning and we have coffee together. I listen how they communicate with each other, gather straws for their nests, and fight. Birds are not that different from us after all. We, humans, also communicate and fight, share and posses. This humanness is what intrigues me the most. I try to reflect on that with my work, to question our sense of humanity.

My goal is to create a time and space to encourage a dialogue between the viewer and my work. I look for this interaction, to be able to trigger a feeling, a thought or a wonder. 

More than twenty years ago I moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina to the United States with my family, settled in Virginia and started anew. I hold a degree of architecture and was trained as a graphic designer. But after being involved in the design field for many years, my interest went beyond that into fine arts. My work has been displayed in the Embassy of Argentina, Washington, DC, Consulate of Argentina, New York, NY, William Patterson University, Wayne, NJ, Aljira Contemporary Art Center, Newark, NJ, and several art galleries throughout the US and in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area.